Vox AC30H2


This is Vox's Heritage Collection edition of the AC30. Uses two Vox Celestion Alnico Blue speakers, sounds fantastic with a Stratocaster. Easily the loudest 30 watt amp I've ever heard. The amp configuration is a combination of different vintage AC30s. Channel one is the EF86 configuration, modeled after the 1958 AC30. Channel two is a replica of the top boost channel from a 1963 AC30.

Power Amp: 4 x EL84

Preamp: 1 x EF86, 3 x ECC83/12AX7

Rectifier: 1 x GZ34

Effects: None

Controls: Top Cut, O/P; Channel 1 (EF86): Volume, Brilliance, Bass Switch, EF86 Mode; Channel 2 (Top Boost): Volume, Treble, Bass