Vintage Gibson Amps


1959 Gibson GA-45T Maestro1959 Gibson GA-45T Maestro

This amp is very similar to a GA-40 but with a different speaker configuration. You don't really need a GA-40 with this amp around though. It sounds great! It is loud and clear with good distortion when you turn the treble knob all the way up. These amps with 5879 preamp tubes are always quite enjoyable. The tremolo has a lot of variety. It can be very slow and warbly, or fast and choppy.


1959-61 Gibson GA-5 Skylark1959-61 Gibson GA-5 Skylark

Vintage Gibson GA-5s are a great bargain. These amps are basically Gibson's version of a Fender Champ, and can be found for a third of the price. With only 5 watts of power, many of these amps still have the original Jensen P8R speaker intact and working well.

1959-61 Gibson GA-5T Skylark1959-61 Gibson GA-5T Skylark

This amp sounds like a darker version of a tweed Fender Champ, except with tremolo. It isn't easy to get many clean tones, but the distortion sounds great. A great Telecaster amp!

1959-61 Gibson GA-8 Gibsonette1959-61 Gibson GA-8 Gibsonette

An 8-9 watt combo amp powered by two 6V6s which are run in parallel instead of series. This model of the Gibsonette slightly reminds me of a Tweed Fender Champ, but with more power and treble. The larger cabinet and the 10-inch speaker allows it to have better clarity and headroom.

1959-61 Gibson GA-80 Vari-tone1959-61 Gibson GA-80 Vari-tone

A rare Gibson GA-80 Varitone amplifier. I believe these were made to go with the Varitone switch that was available on some of Gibson's guitars. This tweed amp was only made between 1959-61 and the production totals were less than 600. It is a very dark sounding amp with good overdrive and the usual strong tremolo for Gibson amps from this era. The channels can be bridged for a little more volume. It is pretty quiet for a 25-watt tube amp.

1960-61 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo1959-61 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo

An 8-9 watt combo amp powered by two 6BM8s which are run in parallel instead of series. Compared to my other Gibsonette, this one isn't quite as loud. The breakup is much different, it sounds closer to a Marshall. The tremolo sounds nice even though all of the frequency settings are on the fast side.



1960 Gibson GA-30 Invader1960 Gibson GA-30 Invader

1960 Gibson GA-30 Invader amplifier, about 15 watts, with a 12" speaker and an 8" speaker. This version doesn't have reverb or tremolo. You can get just about any vintage overdrive tone you want from this amp.

1960 Gibson GA-6 Lancer1960 Gibson GA-6 Lancer

1960 Gibson GA-6 Lancer amplifier, 10-14 watts. Has a wonderful overdriven tone, very similar to a tweed Fender Deluxe. The circuit is a combination of a 5D3/5E3 circuit.






1961 Gibson GA-45RV Maestro1961 Gibson GA-45RV Maestro

The Gibson GA-45RV Maestro is a 14-16 watt amp, but benefits from having 4 x 8" speakers. The extra speakers and larger cabinet give it some extra punch. Just over a 100 of these amps were made. Two channels (mic and instrument) with four inputs. Like most of these old Gibson amps, the microphone channel has significantly more power, but the instrument channel will break up nicely if you crank it up. The reverb effect is only available when playing through the instrument channel.




1961 Gibson GA20-T Ranger1961 Gibson GA20-T Ranger

Otherwise known as the Tweed Deluxe Killer! Great natural distortion with any guitar at manageable volumes. Two channels, Normal and Tremolo. Four inputs, two per channel, mic and instrument. Original footswitch for the tremolo channel was included. Puts out 12 - 15 watts.






1961 Gibson GA20-T Ranger #21961 Gibson GA20-T Ranger

I liked my other Gibson GA-20T Ranger so much, I got another one. This one has a few mods. The grill cloth has been redone and the output transformer has been moved off of the 1958 Jensen speaker and attached to the cabinet. Also, the tremolo control has a push-pull feature added to disengage the RC network, so you can get more of a GA-40 sound. Two channels, Normal and Tremolo. Four inputs, two per channel, mic and instrument. Original footswitch for the tremolo channel was included. Puts out 12 - 15 watts.