1976 Ampeg VT-22


An old Ampeg VT-22 amp. The biggest, loudest, and heaviest combo amp I've ever used. It is easily 100 - 120 watts and puts a Twin Reverb to shame both in volume and tone. The midrange knob and the rocker switches add a lot of tonal options and the reverb isn't bad. This amp has the distortion knob (1976 was the first year the distortion knob was added to the VT-22), but it doesn't sound very good. Fortunately it can only be used in channel one.

Power Amp: 4 x 7027A

Preamp: 3 x 12DW7, 6AN8A, 12AX7A, 6k11, 6CG7

Rectifier: Solid state

Speakers:  2 x 12" Eminence

Effects: Distortion, reverb

Controls: Channel one - volume, distortion; Channel two - volume; bass, midrange, treble, reverb