1964 Ampeg M-15 "Big M"


This amp seems to be a bit more rare than some of the smaller Ampeg models from this era. Six inputs. Great clean tones but it will break up if you really crank it. You can also jumper the channels to get more output and distortion. Like most 1960s Ampegs, the tremolo is excellent. The overall tone of the amp is a bit different than the other Ampegs I have since this one uses 6L6s.

Power Amp: 2 x 6L6

Preamp: 3 x 6SL7

Rectifier: 1 x 5U4GB

Speakers:  1 x 15"

Effects: Tremolo

Controls: Volume, tone (channel 1), volume, tone (channel 2), tremolo intensity, tremolo speed, foot switch for tremolo