1964 Ampeg Super Echo Twin


A rare find. A stereo amp with essentially two Reverberockets in the same cabinet. 30 watts of power in mono mode, or two 15 watt channels in stereo.This is the ET-2-B version with 7591 power tubes and solid state rectification. Two inputs per channel (guitar, accordian) and one stereo input. One non-original output transformer. This amp sounds wonderful. One of my absolute favorite amps for warm clean tone with tremolo.

Power Amp: 4 x 7591A (two for each channel)

Preamp: 4 x 6Sl7 (two for each channel)

Rectifier: Solid state, one per channel

Speakers:  2 x 12" Heppner alnico (non-original)

Effects: Vibrato, reverb/echo

Controls: Bass, treble, volume; tremolo intensity and depth, reverb intensity, foot switch for tremolo and reverb