1963 Ampeg Reverberocket


This Reverberocket has the R-12-R-A circuit, which was the first Reverberocket circuit to use 7591 power tubes instead of 6V6s. 15 watts of power into an 8 ohm speaker. It still has the original footswitch since Ampeg always hardwired them to the amp. One channel, three inputs (guitar, accordion, microphone). The microphone input is definitely the hottest and works well with single coil pickups. Currently the tremolo doesn't function, but the reverb works.

Power Amp: 2 x 7591

Preamp: 2 x 6SL7, 2 x 6SN7

Rectifier: 1 x 5Y3GT

Speakers:  1 x 12" Jensen C12R

Effects: Tremolo, reverb/echo

Controls: Volume, tone, reverb intensity, tremolo intensity, tremolo depth, foot switch for tremolo and reverb



Sound Clips: