1961 Gibson GA-20T Ranger


Otherwise known as the Tweed Deluxe Killer! Great natural distortion with any guitar at manageable volumes. Two channels, Normal and Tremolo. Four inputs, two per channel, mic and instrument. Original footswitch for the tremolo channel was included. Puts out 12 - 15 watts. This was the first tweed Gibson amp I had ever played and I'm still amazed by how good it sounds. One of my favorites. This model seems to one of the more popular Gibson amps. They sell quite quickly now.

Power Amp: 2 x 6V6

Preamp: 5879, 12AY7, 12AX7, 6SQ7

Rectifier: 1 x 5Y3

Speakers: 1 x 12" Jensen

Effects: Tremolo

Controls: Treble (for both channels), Normal channel - volume, Tremolo channel - volume, depth, frequency




Sound Clips: