1960 Ampeg Dolphin 518


This rare Ampeg is the same size as a Reverberocket, but is louder (20 watts). It is a single channel amp with three inputs (Guitar, Instruments and "Mike"). I love the navy random flair and swirly grill cloth look that Ampeg used at this time. Apparently there was also a two channel version called the Dolphin II 518-D. There are no effects like reverb or tremolo, but the Ultra High control allows you to get a much wider variety of tones than some of the other small Ampegs. The amp stays fairly clean but fortunately the Ultra High control adds more gain and volume. One interesting thing about these early Ampegs is the use of a control knob for the on/off/standby switch. On this amp it is so close to the edge of the control panel, it can be rather difficult to turn the knob.

Power Amp: 2 x 6L6

Preamp: 6CG7, 6SL7

Rectifier: 5U4

Speakers: 1 x 12" Jensen

Effects: None

Controls: Ultra High, Volume, Treble, Bass