1957 Ampeg M-12 Mercury


An extremely early version of the Ampeg M-12 Mercury. The Jensen speaker dates to 1956, but the Ampeg book says this amp was first produced in January 1957. The dark covering is also interesting since the cream covering with watermelon grille was the normal look for the Mercury in 1957. It is a 15 watt amp with two channels. The instrument channel (channel one) is mellow, dark and jazzy. The mike/accordion channel is much louder and has a great tweed distortion when you turn it up. There is also one stereo input that allows you to use both channels at the same time for more variety.

Power Amp: 2 x 6V6

Preamp: 3 x 6SL7

Rectifier: 5Y3

Speakers:  1 x 12" Jensen P12R

Effects: Tremolo

Controls: Channel 1 - Volume, tone. Channel 2 - Volume, tone. Speed, intensity (both channels)